Want to Change Your Training Programs? Change Your Idea of Learning

Posted by Katelind Hays on Jun 19, 2018 10:00:00 AM
Katelind Hays

11292017 Modern Learning on the Air channel twitterLearning styles and 70-20-10, you’ve probably heard of them. Both have provided instructional designers with guidance for years. Well, according to expert Chris Osborn, we need to throw both right in the garbage.

This extreme response to seemingly-proven models stems from a key question: How do humans learn? Chris argues that “Human learning is about creating new memories and replacing outdated, incomplete, or incorrect ones, with accurate, relevant, useful new memories.”  Employees undergo true behavior change when they learn, retain, and apply new content.

Without tried-and-true methodologies, how can we move forward? Let’s try marketing and narrative instead!

Chris Osborn, Founder of Chris Osborn Advisors, sat down with Modern Learning on the Air’s Phylise Banner to discuss this and more. Listen to the full podcast to learn:

  • The reason to leave 70-20-10 behind
  • Why a marketing mentality matters in modern learning
  • Four books that changed Chris’s understanding of learning and development
  • How narrative literally changes the neuropathways in our brains and helps us learn more easily
  • The intersection of technology, communications, learning, and innovations

In 30 short minutes, you’ll discover that learning requires deliberate choice by both learners and the L&D professionals designing and facilitating the content.

As designers, we must create content that resonates with our audience. As learners, we must purposefully build a set of skills that supports our vision of professional success.

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