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Jul 14, 2014 Jennifer Hofmann

New Whitepaper - Virtual Classroom Tool Design Basics

Virtual Classroom Learner Engagement

Virtual training design doesn’t need to be difficult – but designers do need a working knowledge of the features and tools each virtual classroom provides.

In this white paper, we’ll be sharing high-level summaries of virtual classroom tools, including chat, breakout rooms, whiteboards, application sharing, synchronized web browsing, and survey and feedback tools.

Why use these new tools at all? Because the virtual classroom is not the same as the traditional classroom, and we need to adapt our engagement techniques in order to create meaningful, learner-centered programs.

This paper combines the seven posts in our blog series by the same name.  We cover the following virtual classroom tools, and how they are used to engage virtual classroom participants.

  • Virtual Classroom Chat - Chat is probably the most familiar tool in the virtual classroom, but in order to design for this tool, you need to understand its capabilities. 
  • Breakout Rooms - Ready to kick your virtual training up a notch? Design for true collaboration with breakout room activities. 
  • Shared Whiteboards - Creating engagement in the virtual classroom is easy when you design effective whiteboard activities.
  • Application Sharing - Make sure your application training is more than a demonstration. Design collaborative exercises that exploit application sharing in your virtual classroom.
  • Synchronized Web Browsing - Synchronized web browsing can add great interaction to a virtual classroom design, if only anyone used it. Create engagement using this versatile tool. 
  • Survey, Feedback and Other Tools – Some virtual classroom tools are often overlooked including surveys and other feedback tools. They can easily be inserted into a program to create interactive and collaborative activities. 

 Download the detailed paper now by clicking the graphic below! 

Virtual Classroom Tool Design Basics whitepaper cover


Published by Jennifer Hofmann July 14, 2014
Jennifer Hofmann