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May 06, 2022 Jennifer Hofmann

[Infographic] Secrets to Hybrid Virtual Training Excellence

Exactly what knowledge and skills does it take to be a GREAT Hybrid Learning Designer, Facilitator and Producer?

InSync has developed a checklist to identify if you and your organization are ready, willing, and enabled to ensure no learner is left behind when it comes to hybrid virtual training.

Use this infographic checklist to check off skills you already have and identify what you might need to improve to set your organization’s Hybrid Virtual Training soaring!

Download Infographic

And if you check all the boxes — congratulations! You are ready to start building your hybrid learning program.

If you can’t check off all the boxes, that’s okay! InSync Training can get you up to speed. Click here to find out how to become the Virtual Learning Expert in your organization.


Published by Jennifer Hofmann May 6, 2022
Jennifer Hofmann