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Jun 02, 2022 InSync Training

[Podcast] Our Experts Tackle L&D Myths

InSync Training Podcast - Modern Learning on the AirThe Doctor's Are In! A Research-Based Rant

Listen to this new episode to hear from Dr. Jane Bozarth, Director of Research for The Learning Guild and Dr. Charles Dye, Technical Director, Research and Evaluation, at InSync Training, as they explore the myths of learning styles and generational learning.

It's an active, informed, and FUN 30-minute conversation that will contribute to your knowledge of the field. 

We liked it so much, we've invited them back to rant whenever they want! (And Jane is returning for a webinar on this topic in July - scroll down for that info.)

We'll dig deeper into this topic in July during our complementary Virtually There series: 

Learning Myths and Popular Promises

Wednesday, July 27, 2:00 - 3:00pm New York Register Now - Learrning Myths and Popular Promises

Jane will lead a conversation for experienced practitioners who understand that research doesn’t support designing training that accommodates myths like learning styles, personality types, and generational differences, and want to have a meaningful conversation about why. 

We’ll take a look at what the research really says and examine ways of applying this information to our practice—even though that may mean making plans for what to do instead. We’ll also talk about why these ideas are so appealing, and how we can leverage that information in conversation with stakeholders.

Published by InSync Training June 2, 2022