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Aug 19, 2022 InSync Training

Infographic - The Data Is IN! Great Onboarding Supports Company Bottom Line

What's the real cost of losing an employee? 

This must-read infographic: Great Onboarding Supports the Bottom Line provides compelling statistics on precisely how financial and productivity is affected when an employee bottom lineleaves your company. It also answers these key questions about how great onboarding will, indeed, support your company's bottom line.

What’s the real cost of losing an employee?

What’s your loss on investment when an employee leaves?

How long will it take to fill that position and get a new hire up to speed?

Click to Download Now: Great Onboarding Supports the Bottom Line

A great onboarding strategy is so powerful that it can affect your company's bottom line. A better  onboarding strategy rebuilds a positive team culture and fosters trust among team members. InSync Training can help you build a Successful Virtual Onboarding Experience.

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Published by InSync Training August 19, 2022