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Jun 10, 2022 InSync Training

Infographic - 5 Key Moments of Learner Need

5 Moments of Learner Need Infographic

The Five Moments of Need model by Bob Mosher and Conrad Gotffredson identifies 5 key moments a learner will need additional information after the "official" training is over.

Training designed to incorporate this model will open the door to results you can measure.

But what actionable steps can you take as an instructional designer to make sure that you incorporate all five moments into every hybrid and blended training program? 

First, you have to understand what the moments are and what they mean. 

This infographic will help you to design and deliver just in time training that sticks. 

To download the infographic, 5 Key Moments of Learner Need, please complete the form and click on the Submit button.

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Published by InSync Training June 10, 2022