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May 13, 2022 Jennifer Hofmann

[Infographic] Virtual Instructional Designer Competencies

Without  instructional designers competent in virtual classroom design there would be no plan for instruction - we'd just have lecture-based webinars.  Bleh.  Enough of that already.

Virtual  instructional designers connect client needs to solutions through analysis and execution of an effective design process. Want to learn how to make material come alive? Use this infographic to learn the three areas of competencies that instructional designers need to manage the development of learning solutions for live, virtual classroom-based instruction.

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If you need to upskill in any or all of these competencies - InSync Training can get you up to speed. Consider becoming an expert with our Virtual Learning Expert™ Sessions. Check out our individual courses to learn how to achieve facilitation, design, and production mastery.  

Published by Jennifer Hofmann May 13, 2022
Jennifer Hofmann