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Podcast - Social Learning Tips from Jane Bozarth

Lead the change with social learning using tips from Jane Bozarth

Think about the last time you needed to learn something new.

Were you sitting at your desk in your office? Standing in your kitchen trying to make dinner? Driving down the road when a new warning light popped up on your dashboard?

Like many people, when this happens to me, I ask a trusted source for their wisdom. Sometimes that’s my mom, other times it’s a colleague who seems to know the ins-and-outs of every nuanced process for my company.

This daily life process proves that humans learn socially. If we can incorporate that into our training, we not only appeal to Adult Learning Principles, but we also support learner success.

Despite knowing the benefits social learning provides, organizations resist incorporating it into formal training. Oftentimes, stakeholders perceive collaboration as intangible, immeasurable, and unimportant. Instead they choose to go with tried-and-true formal processes that allow for testing and assessment.

Learning expert and dear friend to InSync Training Jane Bozarth argues that social learning is not an either/or proposition. With the right facilitation and learning environment design, social collaboration can constructively support more effective modern learning experiences.

Jane joined Phylise Banner for an in-depth conversation on Modern Learning on the Air to share her tips for impactful socialization. Listen to the interview to learn:

  • Jane’s definition for social learning

  • How showing your work and failures have value in the workplace

  • Ways to cultivate learner conversation using free social tools

  • Steps to designing environments for social learning

  • Defining and providing value for this informal approach

As modern learners, we learn from living in the world. Let’s bring that into the classroom and help our audiences get the most from our training programs.

To listen to the podcast episode, click the image below. 


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