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Client Chronicle – Focus on Facilitation

Client Chronicle – Focus on Facilitation
Fortune 100 Global Professional Services Firm Uses InSync Training Solutions Services 2012 - present



InSync Training partnered with a Fortune 100 Global Professional Services Firm in 2012 to support their “Virtual First” training strategy. The goal of the Global Talent & Diversity training organization was for all of their training programs to be designed for virtual delivery first and that strong arguments will need to be made to justify in-person classes, especially those that include travel related expenses.

This strategy would allow for consistent global delivery of core content, with ability to ensure that the programs would be available anywhere in the world when it was required. It also provided an opportunity for the content owners to evaluate quality and revise content to accommodate the needs of a workforce that was growing more global and diverse.

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This global “Virtual First” strategy was conceived years before the global pandemic forced organizations to move 100% to the virtual classroom. As a result, the company’s training organization was uniquely positioned to accommodate the needs of the hybrid workforce without disruption.


How can a global services firm deliver consistent, quality training across the enterprise? The training team had the following program objectives:

Redesign existing content for the virtual classroom in a way that met or exceeded the quality achieved in more traditional settings.
Ensure that programs were culturally appropriate for all target audiences
Create an internal team able to support virtual delivery
Partner with virtual facilitation provider to provide global support



25%to 60%

increase in learning retention rates through E-learning


40% to 60%

less time to complete when compared to traditional learning.



less time to complete E-learning than traditional learning


Finding the Right Partner

In 2012, training vendors were beginning to add virtual training to their menu of Services, but this organization was looking for a vendor that
specialized in virtual training. They felt that would align with their “virtual first” strategy. 

The Vendor would need to be well versed in virtual classroom technologies and be able to pivot from one platform to another in case a change was made at the corporate level.

The vendor should specialize in virtual classrooms, not try to force fit virtual classrooms into existing training methodologies

The vendor should provide a variety of services and be able to grow with the company as their “Virtual First” strategy evolved.

The vendor needed to be able to support a global implementation, adding time zones and languages as the Virtual First strategy evolved


Evaluation of potential vendors led the company to select InSync Training as their virtual classroom provider.

It was a good fit because InSync Training provided: virtual classroom instructional design services; virtual classroom facilitation; and virtual classroom production. Facilitation and production would be available in all the requisite languages, and InSync also partnered with a translation firm that specialized in the globalization of training materials. InSync Training was also able to provide “train the trainer” services to upskill internal company resources in virtual training facilitation and production.  InSync Training was able to meet ALL required elements to satisfy the client's virtual learning needs.

According to the 2021 Training Industry Report by Training Magazine, 62% of all companies are outsourcing Training Facilitation. It is the fastest growing segment of the virtual training market.


InSync Training has been the sole virtual training partner since 2012, growing with the company as the training strategy evolved. Since inception, the program has grown from five course titles to more than twenty. The virtual classroom platform has changed from Webex Training Center to Zoom. More languages have been added, and other parts of the organization (for example, Global Sales) have contracted our services. 

  • InSync provides virtual classroom instructional design services whenever a new program is identified for virtual classroom delivery.
  • InSync manages the virtual corporate training calendar by scheduling virtual classroom sessions, thereby avoiding license conflicts.
  • InSync provides facilitation and production services in six languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, and Japanese.

Currently, InSync facilitates and produces the following topics for this client: Design Thinking, New Managers Orientation, Developing Your Team, Leading Virtual Teams, Coaching, Listening, Questioning, Giving & Receiving Feedback, Project Management, Managing your Teams, Emotional Intelligence for Leaders, Belief Based Engagement, and Radical Candor.

InSync delivers more than 300 classes per year for this forward-thinking company.


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