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Client Chronicle – Focus on Virtual Onboarding

Client Chronicle – Focus on Virtual Onboarding
Fortune 100 Communications and Information Technology Company-2009 - present


The Challenge

When the Fortune 100 Communications & Information Technology pioneer began searching for world-class virtual training facilitation services, they turned to InSync Training. With 66,000 employees in 70 countries worldwide, the company sought to unify and streamline learning transfer and virtual experiences across their entire organization. In response, InSync Training developed a custom strategy that delivered measurable results, exceeding training goals.

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Nearly 70 million Americans quit their job over the past year, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. More than 4.42 million Americans quit their jobs in April, 2022. An increase in employee retention rates begins with a solid onboarding process.


The Solution

InSync Training partnered with a Fortune 100 technology legend to support their custom global training programs in technology adoption, sales support, new hire orientation, and virtual worldwide executive collaboration. This partnership also incorporates design, development, and evaluation of new training initiatives for virtual sales, marketing, and channel partner training. This case study focuses on the services that InSync Training facilitates for their virtual/blended company new hire program: My Onboarding Journey (MOJ).

Onboarding Journey Goals

Fewer than 50 percent of onboarding programs are actually deemed successful.

A superior onboarding program that engages, informs, and motivates a new employee, begins well before the employee’s first day of employment at your company. Onboarding a new employee is an ongoing process, which requires refining. InSync Training partnered with this Fortune 100 firm to gain understanding of the company culture, values, and organizational structure. 

The Journey

Day 1-3

New Hires join virtual onboarding sessions during the first days of employment. Sessions are scheduled on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursday for 4 hours per day. The remote sessions are grouped according to geographical region: ET, PT, EMEAR, India, and Singapore. Onboarding sessions cover myriad topics including wellness, executive leadership, benefits, social responsibility, etc.

IT Support: InSync Training facilitates each session while our technology partner provides technical support needed for new hires to set up their workstations.

Days 30-60-90

InSync facilitates the monthly check-ins for the new hires for the first 90 days of employment. The first appointment occurs at 30 days. The second at 60 days, and the final one at 90 days. 

These meetings offer an opportunity for the employee to discuss how they are fitting in, to engage in virtual and remote team activities and to ask questions. Information about additional company benefits, personal branding, their pathways at the company and training they are interested in are all covered in a safe, fun, informative and interactive environment. The meetings are scheduled in groups. For example, all January new hires will attend 30-day check in during February with their entire regional group. 

Day 30 — Your Brand

At the 30-day meeting an action plan is set for new hires to interact using virtual tools and engaging conversational methods such as breakout rooms to help them take strides in the right direction. This goal of the action plan is for new hires to gain a sense of satisfaction from the decision they’ve made to join your team.

Day 60 – Your Strengths

At the 60-day meeting an action plan is set for new hires to help them identify their strengths, understand the company’s inclusive values, and continue their growth journey. This goal of the action plan is for new hires to identify and leverage their strengths and participate in conversation, chats and videos and web tools that cover topics such as diversity, bias, and accountability. 

Day 90 – Your Career

At the 90-day meeting an action plan is set for new hires to help them set goals along their career path This goal of the action plan is for employees to develop their own career story. Through use of video, breakout room chats, stories, data and interactive exercises, employees identify what they love doing at work, what they are learning about themselves, and the session culminates with telling their career story and understanding how they can grow their careers within the organization.  



From launch to close of the employee onboarding experience has proven to be successful both in terms of employee ramp-up, productivity and in employee engagement and retention.  All Onboarding Training is successfully completed in the virtual and remote working environment. 
New hires benefit from shorter interludes of interactive and visually engaging content, video learning, gamification and plenty of Q&A opportunities and one on one check-ins. 

Great employee onboarding can improve employee retention by 82%.

~ Brandon Hall Group

InSync Training can help design, facilitate, produce or consult with you on your Onboarding Training needs. 
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