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Oct 16, 2023 InSync Training

Why Do You Need a Producer in the Virtual Classroom?

Stay tuned for an enlightening 30-second reveal.

In the realm of virtual training, the virtual facilitator is often seen as the star. But there's another crucial role that often goes unnoticedthe virtual classroom producer, or the "host."

Before you dismiss the idea of a producer as an unnecessary expense, we invite you to consider the immense value they bring to your hybrid virtual training programs.

In this video, we share 5 compelling reasons why your virtual classroom needs a producer. With their help, you can raise your virtual training sessions to new heights, making them even more engaging and informative.

To discover the magic a producer can bring to your virtual classroom, click on the video below. Let's uncover the secret to a successful virtual learning environment together!

And if you want to talk about how producers can improve your training strategy, contact us!


Published by InSync Training October 16, 2023