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Feb 06, 2019 InSync Training

Podcast - The Missing Piece of Great eLearning with Marie Hoffman

Using Voiceover Talent in eLearning

Professional voice talent Marie Hoffman sat down with Phyllis Banner to discuss why it's so important to use professional voice talent to bring eLearning projects to life.

When designing eLearning or video elements for blended learning, usually it starts with design, the technical component, the content, etc.

Rarely do we worry about adding narration. Someone in the learning department has a great voice that we can use, right?

This, Marie Hoffman argues, does a disservice to our learners AND our instructional designs. According to Marie:

"In modern learning, it's about not being that robot. It's about being human, having a flavor to who you are when you're speaking and sharing. So we talk a lot about the value of storytelling in our work, in modern blended learning, in any learning.

Listen to Marie's appearance on our Modern Learning on the Air podcast to learn about her thoughts on the topic of audio narration, including:

  • Why learning and development should use professional voice talent.
  • What falls into the category of voice over work.
  • Whether the target audience impacts the tone of eLearning and video modules.
  • How to get started doing voice overs and a process for setting up your own studio.

To listen to the podcast, click below.



Published by InSync Training February 6, 2019