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Sep 22, 2023 InSync Training

Blended Learning Campaign Design

Watch the Video: Designing for a Sustainable Blend Means Creating Perpetual Designs

Are you ready to revolutionize your approach to blended learning? Let us introduce you to Perpetual Learning Design—a modern, holistic strategy that transforms traditional learning into a personal journey.

Instead of merely designing courses, we’re now creating immersive experiences. We're crafting learning campaigns and journeys that support learners in all their formal and informal moments of need. This innovative approach acknowledges that each learner is unique, with a distinct path to follow. Our role is to provide guidance and resources every step of the way, ensuring every learner remains engaged and motivated throughout their learning journey.

In today's diverse learning environment, our aim is to make virtual and hybrid training both dynamic and sustainable. The beauty of Perpetual Learning Design is its adaptability—it caters to learners regardless of their environment, be it virtual, hybrid, or blended.

But the learning experience doesn't end when the live event concludes, or when the Learning Management System (LMS) indicates the program's completion. In fact, true learning is an ongoing process. It happens all the time, everywhere. That's why we need to design learning experiences that extend well beyond structured settings and timeframes.

Let's shift our perspective and embrace a new era of learning design. When we recognize and design for the perpetual nature of learning, we empower individuals to continually grow and evolve. Stay tuned for our video that delves deeper into the transformative power of Perpetual Learning Design.

To watch the video, click below.


Published by InSync Training September 22, 2023