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Oct 07, 2022 InSync Training

Infographic - Implement a Learning and Evaluation Strategy

A strong evaluation strategy allows you to assess the effectiveness of your virtual learning programs. The industry standard for evaluation is Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of Evaluation which identifies four levels of training that should be measured distinctly:istockphoto-1157436411-612x612

  1. Reaction
  2. Learning
  3. Behavior
  4. Results

Digital content gives you great insight into the learners’ reactions to your course. From explicit indicators like comments they make, you can see what they like or dislike about the material. You can also leverage implicit indicators such as average time spent on a specific piece of content to infer how they react to that content.

The CIPP Evaluation Model Checklist is a comprehensive framework and tool for guiding evaluations of programs, projects, personnel, products, institutions, and systems. This is a popular program quality evaluation method because it includes functional elements and includes behavioral considerations:

  1. Contractual Agreements
  2. Context Evaluation
  3. Input Evaluation
  4. Process Evaluation

Download the infographic below: Implement a Learning and Evaluation Strategy to see how you can use either evaluation model to guide a comprehensive virtual training evaluation model. 

Download Infographic - Implement a Learning and Evaluation Strategy


Published by InSync Training October 7, 2022