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Jan 09, 2019 InSync Training

Podcast - Learning Environment Design With Catherine Lombardozzi

Learning Environment Design

Catherine Lombardozzi, author of Learning Environments by Design, sat down with Phyllis Banner to discuss creating the appropriate learning environment.

This technique is a very important step in the modern instructional design process. Without the right learning environment, training programs can fail, and learners won't obtain the knowledge they are seeking.

Catherine Lombardozzi defines learning environments as, "a collection of resources and activities for learning that is deliberately curated with a specific knowledge and skill development in mind."  

Listen to Catherine's appearance on our Modern Learning on the Air podcast to learn about her design methods, including:

  • A helpful definition of the term “learning environment.”
  • Three game-changing components of an innovative approach to learning environment design.
  • A five-process model you can leverage to create more effective learning environments.
  • The importance of content curation to a modern instructional design strategy.

To listen to the podcast, click below.



Published by InSync Training January 9, 2019