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Apr 29, 2021 Patricia Regier

Creating Positive Learning Experiences: The Team Approach

04212021 Blog Post - Patricia RiegerThe team approach when creating learning experiences can make all the difference in whether a virtual session is successful or not! It feels amazing when a producer can seem like they are anticipating the needs of the facilitator or speaker before they even ask. However, even if it seems like we can read minds, the anticipation is a skill that is developed over time with experience. It is fantastic to produce learning events as a partner with the facilitator and a support for the participants.

Just one of the ways to set up the learning experience for success is to intentionally provide as many details as possible. Communication can happen at various points and occurs ahead of time during the planning stage. Communication can also happen in real time if changes or pivots need to occur during the session. Knowing how to best support both the facilitator and the participant’s learning experience is why we are here.

Ways to communicate:

  • Production plan
  • Private chat
  • Early log-in time, before it is ‘Go time’
  • In the moment as you are talking to the participants, indicating how much time the breakout will be, or the self-study etc.
  • Or when you are wanting a poll to be launched, clear ‘we are going to launch the poll, now’ and ‘we can stop sharing the results, now.’
  • Clarity, including time-zones is helpful
  • If you need help to support the timeline of the session
  • Following the event, a debrief to share what worked well, and what we would like to tweak for next time

When our learning spaces moved online, it provided the opportunity to approach learner engagement strategies in new ways. The collaborative approach to learning ensures that everyone’s needs and context can be considered. The goal is always to ensure that the experience is supportive, safe, and engaging for everyone.

Whether you are a facilitator, trainer, participant, technical producer or coordinator, each person contributes to the learning experience and outcomes. Online learning spaces can be just as interactive, and impactful as an in-person classroom. However, the online context requires a team approach which includes great communication. When detailed intentional information is shared, the flow of a learning experience can seem easy and seamless. It is a beautiful thing to be part of creating fantastic learning experiences!

Patricia Regier, M.Ed, is a producer with InSync Training. Patricia has a passion for online engagement and has been facilitating and supporting learning experiences for 20 years.
Published by Patricia Regier April 29, 2021