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Aug 29, 2023 Jennifer Hofmann

Introducing the Enhanced InQuire Engagement Framework™


Create Active and Sustainable Learning, Improve Virtual Training Strategies and Optimize Learner Engagement in the Hybrid Workplace

Virtual training solutions leader InSync Training today announced updates to its research-based learner engagement model, the InQuire Engagement Framework™, a three-dimensional approach to learner engagement in the virtual classroom. The framework is designed to optimize an organization’s existing online learning and provide a new construct for creating active and sustainable training programs that work in today’s hybrid workplace and “virtual first” approach to training and employee development.

Moving into 2024, the research-based model will focus on making virtual learning more active and sustainable by ensuring that leaners are engaged emotionally, environmentally, and intellectually.

Additionally, as organizations continue to adopt and align remote and flexible work arrangements, it is crucial to understand how to maintain an effective professional development practice. To keep learners engaged and motivated in a hybrid environment, the instructional experience must be tailored to meet the needs of both in-person and remote learners by leveraging collaboration tools and innovative techniques to foster engagement and optimal learning outcomes. InSync's evolving InQuire Engagement Framework couples early research in hybrid workforce development trends and consequences with a dynamic learner engagement model to develop hybrid delivery best practices.

By understanding how to keep learners engaged and motivated in the context of remote and flexible work, organizations can ensure that their workforce continues to develop the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the digital age.

Jennifer Hofmann, President and Founder of InSync Training, emphasizes, "In today's evolving remote workplace, it is imperative for organizations to adopt research-based approaches to training. Simply relying on traditional methods no longer suffices. As the landscape shifts, businesses need to embrace the changing dynamics and ensure their training strategies align with the needs of the remote workforce. A big part of making sure hybrid virtual training is active and sustainable is ensuring learning transfer occurs by designing learning content that maximizes engagement. That’s why InSync’s InQuire Engagement Framework is so important.”

“The InQuire Engagement Framework is an ongoing research effort at InSync, incorporating insights from new research on learner engagement and hybrid work effects on organizations," said Dr. Charles Dye, the researcher leading the effort. "This framework is designed to effectively train a hybrid learning audience by focusing on three factors of learner engagement - emotional, intellectual, and environmental. It provides methods to enhance instructional design and delivery to achieve organizational objectives. What sets this framework apart is its applicability to all learning environments, making it a comprehensive solution."

Dive into the original research and data here: A Qualitative and Quantitative Inquiry into the Learner Engagement Construct.

With the InQuire Engagement Framework, learners become more actively engaged in the hybrid and virtual classroom, leading to a noticeable shift in behaviors and performance. This heightened level of engagement not only maximizes the impact of training but also reduces overall training costs. 

In addition to offering the InQuire Engagement Framework, InSync Training is proud to provide active and sustainable virtual learning solutions and deliver accredited train-the-trainer certification programs. These programs equip trainers with the necessary skills and expertise in virtual classroom facilitation, production, and design. By upskilling and reskilling for the hybrid/virtual workplace, trainers can effectively navigate the evolving training landscape and deliver exceptional learning experiences.

Organizations and individuals can contact InSync Training to book a demo with one of our Virtual Learning Experts, and

  • Discover our active and sustainable approach to virtual learning, where strong facilitation, compelling content, and secret tech ingredients combine to create an engaging and impactful learning environment.

  • Learn how we foster meaningful interactions and high learner engagement through innovative activity designs. Experience a hands-on demo of our great designs in action, showcasing the power of interactive learning.

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Published by Jennifer Hofmann August 29, 2023
Jennifer Hofmann