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Oct 21, 2021 Jennifer Hofmann

InSync Training Introduces the InQuire Engagement Framework™ to Help Organizations Improve Their Virtual Training Strategy and Engage Learners in the Hybrid Workplace

Virtual training solutions leader InSync Training today announced a new virtual training model, the InQuire Engagement Framework, a three-prong approach to maximizing engagement of all learners in the virtual classroom. The framework is designed to optimize an organization’s existing training and provide a new construct for creating training programs that work in today’s hybrid workplace and “virtual first” approach to training and employee development.

Jennifer Hofmann, President/Founder of InSync Training said, “Businesses can’t afford to provide training that doesn't work in the new hybrid world of work. We can’t just post PowerPoint slides into the virtual classroom and hope that it works. Zoom fatigue is real and becoming Zoom attrition. So, a big part of making sure virtual training is hitting the mark and ensuring learning transfer occurs is though learner engagement. That’s why InSync’s InQuire Engagement Framework is so important.”

“The InQuire Engagement Framework is an ongoing research effort at InSync to develop, refine, and implement instructional practices that produce measurable improvements to learning outcomes,” said Dr. Charles Dye, the researcher leading the effort. “The framework is developed around three factors of learner engagement – emotional, intellectual, and environmental – and includes methods to improve instructional design and delivery against organizational objectives. In contrast to many approaches, the framework is developed and applicable to all learning environments.”

InSync helps organizations and individuals in applying and implementing the InQuire Engagement Framework. As a result, learners are more engaged in the virtual classroom, behaviors are changed, training costs are reduced, learning transfer and ROI is improved and measurable in the organization.

InSync Training also provides world-class train-the-trainer certification programs in virtual classroom facilitation, production, and design for anyone seeking to upskill and reskill for training the hybrid/virtual workplace.

Organizations and individuals can contact InSync Training ( to schedule a Complimentary Training Roadmap strategy session to explore:

  • The best ways to apply a brain-science framework throughout your training.
  • How others are overcoming current L&D and training challenges.
  • Your organization’s goals and get help aligning technology, strategy, and budget for greater virtual success.
  • The latest virtual training workshops and certification programs.


For more information, contact InSync Training at 860-598-0888 or email

Published by Jennifer Hofmann October 21, 2021
Jennifer Hofmann