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Jul 23, 2015 InSync Training

InSync Training's 5 Critical Ways to Enable Virtual Learners

Enable virtual learners through engagementEven with the increased availability and affordability of online training programs, participants don't seem to be particularly engaged in virtual learning. Jennifer Hofmann, President of InSync Training, believes the design of online programs is to blame.

Virtual classrooms require special consideration to ensure that learners can not only participate in the process, but also engage in the learning. Part of the responsibility of virtual learning designers and facilitators is to literally teach learners how to learn online. Simply assuming learners will easily translate their existing process for learning in the traditional face-to-face classroom is not enough. This video on InSync Training's YouTube channel discusses the five critical elements instructional designers MUST include in any virtual program to properly enable virtual learners to succeed.

Check out the video, based on content in the whitepaper, Enabling Virtual Learners by Design.

Published by InSync Training July 23, 2015