Where is everyone in your virtual class? Teaching to mixed audiences

Posted by Jennifer Hofmann on Aug 29, 2014, 11:00:00 AM
Jennifer Hofmann

BYTE-LoriWe've all experienced it. Our vitual classroom participants often seem to have gotten together and planned to drive us crazy! Three people are logged on independently, another five are sitting in a room together watching your session projected onto a big screen, and two people are sitting in the same room as you because they wanted a face-to-face experience.

What's a virtual trainer to do? Troy Perry has some advice.

In his recent InSync Byte session, MULTI-METHOD DELIVERY: MANAGING VARIOUS AUDIENCES AT THE SAME TIME, Troy provides some advice about how to not just manage these audiences, but to make your programs great.

As he says, "Multi-method delivery seeks to combine the best of the traditional, instructor-led classroom with the virtual classroom into a highly interactive and engaging experience for both groups of participants. In this session we will explore the benefits, challenges and best practices of implementing a multi-method delivery program."

By linking their traditional classrooms with virtual participants, organizations can reduce travel costs while maximizing, and even accelerating, the learning potential of their organization

Want to learn more? Watch the recording of his session here.

Interested in learning more about teaching in a multi-cultural environment? Check out our course, The Global Virtual Classroom Workshop, by clicking on the icon below.

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