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Merging Pedagogy & Instructional Game Design

Posted by InSync Training

Jul 26, 2016 2:34:38 PM


52891779_s.jpgGamification and game-based training are two topics trending in learning and performance. Many organizations have yet to embrace these approaches because there’s a perception that fun doesn’t equate to real learning. In reality, though, when incorporated with traditional instructional design theory, games have huge potential for learners.

Recently, Dr. Stephen Slota, owner of The Pericles Group, joined our BYTE roster for his presentation It’s In the Game: Merging Contemporary Pedagogy & Instructional Game Design. This blog will share his views about the power of learning through storytelling, and the differences between gamification and game-based learning.

To review all the wisdom imparted during Dr. Slota’s session, view his full presentation here

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Topics: Gamification, Instructional Design

Part 5: Managing Virtual Classroom Strategy Implementation Challenges

Posted by Jennifer Hofmann

Jul 21, 2016 1:16:48 PM

Recently InSync Training worked with a multinational software company to maximize the value of their existing learning content by transitioning it to the virtual and blended classroom.

During this process, we discovered seven specific areas that we needed to address to facilitate this transition. We believe these challenges are universal to virtual classroom implementation. Many other organizations are undergoing this evolution, with seasoned learning professionals assisting the process.

In the spirit of the modern classroom, a learning environment defined by the accessibility of knowledge, we will detail these challenges and our approaches for overcoming them in this seven-part blog series.

57015043_s.jpgTo achieve the greatest understanding of virtual classroom strategy implementation challenges, begin with my first blog post, Redesigning Content for the Virtual Classroom.

Virtual Classroom Implementation Strategy Challenge 5: Redefining Virtual Learning 

In order to successfully implement virtual learning, our strategy needed to include redefining the concept within the organization adopting it.

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Visual Design: A Crash Course

Posted by Katelind Hays

Jul 19, 2016 12:59:31 PM

BYTE Session Recap 

44883342_s.jpgScience has shown that we are visual creatures, and when it comes to learning, the most effective lessons take advantage of that preference. Recently, InSync Training’s friend, Connie Malamed, creator of eLearning, joined our BYTE session roster and shared a crash course in visual design. Connie drew the subject matter from her book, Visual Design Solutions: Principles and Creative Inspiration for Learning Professionals.   

This blog post will provide background into the concept of visual design, and seven key points about how to use it in your next instructional design. To review Connie’s full presentation, including insight into the necessity and importance of visual graphics in eLearning, manuals, job aids, and advertising, click here.

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Topics: Virtual Classroom, Instructional Design

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