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Time Management in the Virtual Classroom

Posted by Jennifer Hofmann

Dec 1, 2016 8:55:00 PM

38638232_s.jpgEach learning environment requires facilitators to develop certain skills to promote learner success. Classroom facilitators benefit from participant body language. They know, based on the energy in the room, whether content resonates with learners, or if it doesn’t. Adapting the presentation based on learner needs has become second nature in the classroom, and with depth of experiences comes comfort – classroom facilitators know how to stay on track and on schedule.

In the virtual classroom, though, many facilitators, even seasoned veterans, struggle to manage their time. In fact, I believe time management is one of the key competencies facilitators must develop for this learning environment.

When used as a competency, I define time management as, “the ability to manage a session so that you know learners are engaged, while also ensuring that learning takes place and the session finishes on time.”

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A Rose by Any Other Name

Posted by Phylise Banner

Nov 28, 2016 2:22:12 PM

26105628_s.jpgWhen my kids were growing up, we started a ritual at the dinner table every night where each of us would take a turn answering the question, “What did you learn today?” Everyone had to answer, and when guests came to visit, they were encouraged to participate as well. At times the kids would roll their eyes and get cranky, but most of the time they were eager for their turn so that they could share.

We were a house full of educators, where teaching and learning came first. What each of us learned that day, no matter how small, prompted our conversations, debates, arguments, and laughter.

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Making Sense of Technology Overload

Posted by Katelind Hays

Nov 22, 2016 3:05:19 PM

BYTE Session Recap

32082831_s.jpgToday’s workers, and by extension, our learners, often feel burdened by technology overload. Always connected often means “never unplugged.” How, as both practitioners and people, do we untangle ourselves from the sticky tech web, and make real connections?

Kittie Watson, former Chair of Tulane University’s Communication Department and Founder of Innolect, discussed this exact problem with BYTE session attendees recently.

This blog defines technology overload, the benefits of unplugging from our devices, and how, as a leader, you can encourage smart technology usage for your team.

Access Kittie’s full BYTE recording to learn about the connection between dialogue and employee engagement, how to encourage listening, dialogue, and conversation to address a company’s pressing challenges, and apply techniques for getting back to communication basics.

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Body Language In The Bandwidth

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