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Apr 23, 2020 InSync Training

Video - 5 Facilitation Tips for Virtual Classroom Engagement


Virtual sessions run the gamut from incredibly engaging to incredibly boring. One of the biggest influences on success? The Facilitator! 

Some instructors deliver virtual learning content in a way that engages learners and results in memorable experiences. Other instructors, intimidated by the technology or uncomfortable in a new learning environment, lean into lecture and limit collaboration.

What best practices can you incorporate into your facilitation toolkit to make sure learners leave your live online learning events raving about the program? 

Based on one of our most popular blogs 5 Facilitation Tips to Increase Engagement in the Virtual Classroom, this short video offers quick and easy ways to improve the experience of live online session attendees. 

To watch the video, click below.




Published by InSync Training April 23, 2020