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Nov 27, 2019 InSync Training

It’s All Gravy: A Thanksgiving 'Thank You' from InSync Training

Here in the U.S., many on the global InSync Training team prepare to log-off for a day of feasting and reflection. And while celebrating Thanksgiving usually includes a turkey dinner and connecting with those who mean the most to us, we wanted to stop and remember the things we love about our work. 

Wishing you and yours a great day of gratitude!

We’re peeling potatoes, and baking our pies,
Thanksgiving is one of our favorite times.
Friends and family and food a-plenty,
The reasons we’re grateful are numbered and many.

Success and friendship are just the beginning.
We wake up everyday and feel like we’re winning.
Modern blended learning isn’t always easy,
But there are factors that make it feel less beastly.

We’re thankful for all the modern technology,
for allowing us to deliver training of real quality.
Without chat and VoIP and a breakout room,
It would be hard for learners’ skills to bloom.

We’re thankful for our instructional designers,
for creating training that exceeds our desires.
Always focused on the big learning picture,
every one of their designs is an L&D winner.

We’re thankful for our great facilitators,
who somehow manage to make friends out of strangers.
Using thoughtful collaboration and engagement,
learners find themselves leaving sessions in amazement.

We’re thankful for our team of amazing producers,
who turn tech novices into active platform users.
No matter the cause or source of a problem,
they jump in tirelessly and work to solve ‘em.

We’re thankful for all of our adult learners,
who balance personal skillbuilding with being hard workers.
They engage in activities and attend every session,
often teaching us deep and valuable lessons.

We’re thankful for our clients and partners in learning,
who come to us with problems a’burning.
It is our privilege to offer ideas and a solution,
to help turn a training dud into something boomin’.

So as we gather around the table with our nearest,
when it comes to work, there are many who are dearest.
We raise a glass to you and your achievements.
We appreciate you, and we really mean it.


Published by InSync Training November 27, 2019