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Recording - Driving It Home: Real Change Is a Process, Not an Event

Posted by InSync Training on Oct 16, 2017 2:21:58 PM

October 10, 2017

Instructor: Laura Goodrich

Now is the time. Your organization is in change. Getting your team members focused on the right things is critical. It is productive and profitable. Implementing a blended solution that leverages the best of the human side of change with a cinematic micro-learning process is key.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn what a cinematic micro-learning process is and how it might bring value to your organization
  • Learn about the power of cinematic micro-learning lessons, programs, and mini-series in generating conversations and collaboration
  • Learn about the importance of messaging, micro-learning, self-reflection questions and digital tools
  • Learn about how different generations view blended learning and micro-learning
  • Learn how to be a Change Champion in your organization
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Topics: Virtually There, Microlearning, Modern Blended Learning

Recording - Bozarthzone! Rockin' the Virtual Classroom

Posted by InSync Training on Oct 5, 2017 6:20:48 PM

October 5, 2017

Instructor: Jane Bozarth


Virtual classroom technology (ILinc, Adobe Connect, WebEx, Elluminate, etc.) provides a wonderful live, real-time bridge between the traditional classroom and the learner. But it isn’t “just like” the traditional classroom, and in the wrong hands can be deadly dull.

In this session we’ll learn to read virtual “body language," look at ways to increase interactivity and engagement, utilize games and activities, and create visuals that support learning. 

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Topics: Virtual Classroom, BozarthZone! Recording

Whitepaper - Game-Based Learning and Gamification: Guidance from the Experts

Posted by InSync Training on Sep 27, 2017 12:52:33 PM

The notion might defy standard logic, but having fun while learning is a good thing. It's evidence-based: enjoyment heightens engagement and retention - an excellent reason to include gameplay in our blended learning campaigns.  

Game-based learning and gamification must be thoughtfully designed, drawing on the psychology of play and its usefulness as a learning strategy. InSync Training tapped into the expertise of fourteen experts for advice and guidance on game-based learning and gamification. 

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Topics: Virtual Classroom - Instructional Design, Blended learning, Gamification, Game-Based Learning

Recording - The Future of Instructional Design: Blended Learning Campaigns

Posted by InSync Training on Sep 22, 2017 2:25:23 PM

September 20, 2017

Instructor: Jennifer Hofmann


Modern learning requires modern instructional design. In the past, we designed stand-alone training events. To move into the future, our approach must evolve to address all possible moments of learning need. What’s the solution? Blended learning campaigns instead of courses.

The transition may require a thoughtful approach, but it’s not rocket science! By building on proven design methodologies and considering the needs of our modern learners, we can make the jump into the future.

Blended learning campaigns connect the dots between reusable content, allowing learners to create and follow their personal learning pathways, and turn to us as trusted advisers in their moments of learning need. Effective instructional design matches each learning objective to an appropriate instructional technique, implemented with the right strategy, and deployed using technology.

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Topics: Virtually There, Instructional Design, Blended Learning Campaigns, Blended Learning Instructional Design

Recording - Bozarthzone! Evaluating eLearning: What You Measure is What You Get

Posted by InSync Training on Sep 21, 2017 3:36:22 PM

September 21, 2017

Instructor: Jane Bozarth


In this session we’ll look at the importance of planning evaluation items with solid objectives and clear outcomes in mind. You will explore the ways in which assessments can end up failing to measure what designers and organizations intend. You will leave this session with a set of tips for improving evaluation by building it into the design of a learning program and using evaluation to support organizational goals.

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Topics: BozarthZone! Recording, eLearning

Bozarthzone! Turning Stress Into Power

Posted by InSync Training on Sep 7, 2017 5:21:50 PM

September 7, 2017

Instructor: Jane Bozarth


Managing stress effectively has less to do with managing external events – things you can’t control – and more to do with better managing yourself. This session focuses on strategies for taking charge of your own responses to stress and turning them to more productive reactions and behaviors. Audience: All staff.

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Topics: BozarthZone! Recording

Bozarthzone! Brain Bandwidth: Reducing Cognitive Load

Posted by InSync Training on Aug 24, 2017 6:05:28 PM

August 24, 2017

Instructor: Jane Bozarth


Trainers and instructional designers know that much instruction simply places too many demands on learners in terms of volume, clarity, and memory. This session provides an overview of cognitive load considerations in instructional design. Particular emphasis is placed on how information can be presented in such a way as to avoid overloading the recipient's ability to receive, process, and understand the information (i.e., their "brain bandwidth").

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Topics: BozarthZone! Recording, Instructional Design

BYTE Session - Once Upon a Time, Storytelling Was Learning

Posted by InSync Training on Aug 23, 2017 11:14:31 AM

August 22, 2017

Instructors: Tom Campbell and Karin Rex


We all like a good story, right? Well, your brain likes a good story too. Research has shown that our brains wilt faster than a hot lettuce leaf when presented with a bunch of slides containing bullet points. (You probably already suspected that on some level, but as it turns out it really is true!) The language processing part of our brains is the only part that is active when we are experiencing death by PowerPoint.

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Topics: InSync BYTE Recording, Storytelling

Bozarthzone! Juggling 101: Managing Multiple Priorities

Posted by InSync Training on Aug 10, 2017 7:38:52 PM

August 10, 2017

Instructor: Jane Bozarth


"Time management" is an oxymoron. You can't change it, or lengthen it, or shorten it, or 'manage' it. This course will help you identify ways to deal with the things you can manage: yourself, others, and the tasks with which you're confronted.

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Topics: BozarthZone! Recording

BYTE Session - Realities of Virtual Collaboration

Posted by InSync Training on Aug 9, 2017 6:34:22 PM

August 8, 2017

Instructor: brenda huettner


No man is an island; we are all part of a larger community. Rapid advances in tools and technologies offer us a myriad of ways to communicate and collaborate with each other. When we spend all day at the keyboard, it’s easy to forget that we’re still working with humans who happen to be on their own keyboards. 

This session will review some of the current virtual collaboration tools available and suggest ways of using each most efficiently. We’ll also talk about how and when you can incorporate a more personal touch to your communications across the virtual landscape.

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Topics: Virtual Teams, InSync BYTE Recording, Virtual Collaboration